Edible forest


We understand agriculture as a means of development and sustainability, mainly using resources from the beautiful island. First with the correct management of the soil and biodiversity, then an important part of the needs of the plants are covered with fertilizers, compost and preparations that we obtain on the farm itself. We also bring pinillo (pine leaves), cow manure, chopped bush as animal bed …

It works, the ecological cost of obtaining a kilo of bananas is similar to that of a conventional kilo of bananas. Of course, our money stays on La Palma. In addition to obtaining fruits of high nutritional value and with a total absence of toxins, we reinforce the local economy Km 0.

We are convinced that not only in the Canaries, but everywhere, we should move towards the production of food in a responsible and logical way, that is why we base our projects on the dissemination and transmission of these values.

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Ecofinca Platanológico. La Palma. Plátanos ecológicos

We show plantation, tourism and education


In addition to small contributions we make in local newspapers and on radio, above all we show our work through guided tours, during which over two hours, we talk about the cultivation of the Canarian banana, the reason for organic farming, and the magical processes that occur within plant cells and those that occur in the planet Earth ecosystem.

All this during a pleasant walk through a subtropical botanical garden. The cultivation of bananas being the axis of a sustainable ecosystem in agro-ecological agricultural production. “You smells, feels, understand , tastes.”

In other words, if you do not know what to visit in La Palma whether you are on vacation, or you are a resident Canary, you cannot miss this excursion and this experience. Our farm, is adapted and equipped for events and visits, and has passable trails, even for disabled people.